Medipak Limited, pioneer and trendsetter in infusion therapy life saving products, was established in 1982 where production first commenced for several life-saving medicines.

Medipak was the first integrated Infusion Solution and IV Administration Set manufacturing facility in Pakistan established with technical collaboration & know-how transfer from Fresenius AG, Germany. With patient-centricity at the core of our operations, the intravenous manufacturing division created a number of alliances with leading global companies to bring the most needed technologies & treatment to Pakistan.

Over the years, through numerous expansions and foreign alliances, Medipak has evolved into one of the top national pharmaceutical companies.

The Fluid Management division is the largest in Medipak Limited producing high quality intravenous solutions as well as maintaining exclusive partnerships with a number of international partners for distribution, marketing and co-manufacturing of products under technology transfer arrangements including the leading multi-nationals such as Fresenius Kabi (Germany),Novartis (Switzerland), Laboratorio Pablo Cassara (Argentina) and other foreign partners.

Medipak Ltd possesses leadership brands in the areas of Fluid Management, Ophthalmic preparation,
irrigation & dialysis solutions, I.V administration sets & Medical devices with an emerging presence in CAPD & RTK as well as SVP in LDPE & Glass Ampoule. As the largest department of the organization, our team of 200+ members is spread across the entire country and is actively engaged with our customers in key therapeutic areas that we serve. Our portfolio carries leading brands in high quality generics as well as imported medicines that cater to the most needed treatments in the local market.

We also import, distribute & market a range of products from our international partner companies.

Medipak currently has a portfolio of 200+ products registered with the Drug Regulatory Authority of
Pakistan (DRAP) 

Medipak is functioning with 4 divisions: TPN, Medivision, Lifeline, and Pharma Divisions. The company employs a professionally trained sales team all over Pakistan.

 TPN Division

  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) is responsible for:
  • IV solutions (basic / specialized)
  • Plasma expanders
  • Oral rehydration solution
  • Irrigation and dialysis solutions


  • Medivision is responsible for ophthalmic products including:
  • Miotics and mydriatics
  • Anti-glaucoma
  • Ocular anti-inflammatory and antibiotics
  • Ocular anti-allergy and decongestants
  • Anti-cataract products



  • Lifeline deals with following products:
  • Plasma Expanders
  • Anesthetic Products


Pharma Division

  • Pharma currently deals with the following Solid Dosage Forms:
  • Anti-pyretic and Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti – ulcerant
  • Anti – hypertensive
  • Cholesterol lowering agents
  • Antidiabetics
  • Antibiotic